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About the restaurant

Genesis + steak is an amazing place on the culinary map of Warsaw, specializing in outstanding steaks. Our chef - Paweł Kibart, privately and professionally is a lover of real steaks, therefore in Genesis  we serve specially selected meat art from Poland, Ireland, America, Argentina and Spain. In addition to the perfect product, we believe that the way of preparation is the key


Our dishes are served from the first in Poland unique Mibrasa oven - wood-fired from aromatic Polish cherries and geans. If you want to take part in a special feast, Genesis + Steak is the only right direction.


The casual atmosphere and the elegant and modern decor full of organic shapes inspired by nature make it possible for our Guests to forget about the fast pace of the modern civilization and venture to a different dimension of sensations.


Genesis + steak is located in a free-standing building that is nowhere to be found in the world when it comes to its construction and architectural design. The building has three stories. All rooms have air-conditioning and an advanced lighting system, which provides us with many opportunities in terms of the atmosphere of the interior. The restaurant is adapted for persons with disabilities.