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Cocktail Bar

At the Genesis + steak, our main intention is to surprise our guests. This applies to the taste, look and supply of the beverages we have. In our work, we often adopt unusual methods and add elements of molecular gastronomy. We also want our guest to be satisfied with the service and the way our drinks are served. The cocktails presented in our menu are original recipes as well as some twists based on the classic ones. A rich selection of types of alcohol and unusual additives will make our Guests feel special at our Bar.

The bartending aspect at the Genesis + steak is ensured by Łukasz Wilczewski.

This gentleman is a huge enthusiast of the art of bartending, natural flair bartenders, and artistic souls with long-term experience in the industry. He shares his knowledge and experience with pleasure. At work, he also seeks for inspiration from his colleague chefs and confectioners. However, they always focus on innovative strategies.

Tea Julep

Ballantines / green tea and mango syrup / mint


Georgia Mint Julep

Jim Beam Double Oak / apricot liqueur / sugar syrup / mint


Rhubarb Cobbler

Aperol / rhubarb ratafia / Prosecco


Red Currant Cobbler

Bombay / currant / currant ratafia / Prosecco


Strawberry Collins

Bombay / strawberry puree / balsamic vinegar / basil / lemon juice / sugar syrup


Apple Vanilla Collins

Bombay / saffron / fresh apple / lemon grass / lemon grass and vanilla syrup / soda


Wild Forest Smash

Havana 3 / currant ratafia / fresh raspberries and blackberries / lemon juice / sugar syrup / Fentimans Ginger Beer


Mai Tai - Havana 3

Sailor Jerry / Cointreau / pineapple juice / lime juice / almond syrup


Gin Basil Smash

Bombay / basil and lime cordial / soda


Nespresso Martini

Amundsen / Espresso Origin Brasil / Kahlua / sugar syrup


Beluga Syberian Moscow Mule

Beluga Noble / lime juice / sugar syrup / Angostura / Fentimans Ginger Beer


Glenmorangie 10 Glamour

Glenmorangie 10 / Lillet Rouge


Glenmorangie 10 Breakfast Martini

Glenmorangie 10 / apricot jam / Maple syrup / lime


Hennessy Game Changer

Hennessy VS / passion fruit puree / lemon juice / agave syrup / Angostura / Ardbeg haze


Hennessy Brunch Martini

Hennessy VS / plum and cardamom jam / lime juice